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BRAD  HOWE Brad Howe abstract sculpture Convect at Sculpturesite Gallery
PEDESTAL SCULPTURE - stainless steel
24 x 7 x 7.5 in
61 x 18 x 20 cm

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BRAD HOWE Biography

Brad Howe seeks to build on the tradition of geometric abstraction and to sustain that tradition as a living, viable discourse. His playful mobiles, wall hangings, furniture, and freestanding sculptures combine the dynamic planar relationships and solid coloration associated with post-cubist modernism. Their playful exuberance, however, owes more to the artistic climates of twenty-first century L.A. and São Paolo, where Howe initiated his artistic career.

As a student of International Relations at Stanford University, Howe attended the University of São Paolo to specialize in Brazilian Affairs. It was there that he discovered the passion for art and architecture that would eventually lead to his first exhibitions. Since then, the largely autodidactic sculptor has met with overwhelming success. He has exhibited in over sixteen countries worldwide, and his works have been placed in collections throughout 32 countries, including an 80-foot mobile for the Georgia International Convention Center, an 18-foot stainless steel sculpture for a corporate client in Bilberach, Germany, and pieces for the City of Los Angeles and MIT.



Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 "Brad Howe Invitational," Gallery Jeon, Daegu, South Korea
2016 "System of Shared Risk," Galerie Uli Lang, Biberach, Germany
2015 "Working Fictions," Caldwell Snyder Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2015 "Cartography," CMay Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2014 "Shadow Economy," Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA
2014 "Concoctions," The Frostig Collection, Santa Monica, CA
2013 "Docile Bodies," Caldwell Snyder Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2013 "Deprivato," Katherine Cone Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2013 "Coyote," Galerie Uli Lang, Biberach, Germany
2012 "Kinetic Works," The Frostig Collection, Santa Monica, CA
2012 "Sculpture & Kinetic Art," Soohoh Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2012 "Sculpture," Galerie Janos, Paris, France
2011 "Construct," Galerie Uli Lang, Biberach, Germany
2010 "Primavernica," AndrewShire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2010 "Sculturen, Mobiles and Mandalas," Galerie Kaysser, Munich, Germany
2010 "Giocare con la Scultura," Art 1307, Napoli, Italy
2009 "Brad Howe: Ein Kaktus–ganz ohne Stacheln," Sudwestbank AG, Stuttgart, Germany
2008 "Sculpture," College Of The Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA
2008 "Brad Howe," Alexander Mertens Fine Art, Montecito, CA
2007 "At This Moment," Sculpturesite Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2007 "Strata," Museum of Design, Art and Architecture, Culver City, CA
2007 "Stainless Steel Sculpture," Galerie Uli Lang, Biberach, Germany
2007 "Sculpturen Und Objekte," Galerie Kaysser, Munich, Germany
2006 "Steps in Seirous Exuberance," Skulpturengalerie, Zurich,Switzerland
2006 "New Work," Parchman Stremmel Gallery,San Antonio, Texas
2006 'Monoliths," Galerie Holm, Ulm, Germany
2006 "Tectonics," Galerie Uli Lang, Biberach, Germany
2006 "The Next Dimension," Hamilton-Selway Fine Art, Hollywood, CA
2005 "A Survey of Color, Form and Motion," Rosenthal Fine Art, Chicago, IL
2005 "In Collaboration," Adamar Fine Art, Miami, Fl
2005 "Synchrony," Galerie Uli Lang, Biberach, Germany
2002 "Stahlplastiken," Galerie Uli Lang, Biberach, Germany
2001 "Steel Haiku," Jernigan Wicker Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
2000 "Neo Modernism," Boritzer/Gray/Hamano Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2000 "Biscotto," Jernigan Wicker Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA
1999 "Esculturas," Praxis Arte Internacional, Mexico City, Mexico
1999 "Aquatica," Boritzer/Gray/Hamano Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1997 "Drift" Boritzer/Gray/Hamano Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1996 "Flats & Risers," Diane Nelson Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
1996 "Causes," Arario Gallery, Cheoan-Shi, South Korea
1995 "Boias," Galeria Nara Roesler, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1994 "Hop the Twig," Boritzer/Gray/Hamano Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1993 Dierlich Gallery, Bonn, Germany
1990 Gallery de Arte Misrachi, Mexico City, Mexico
1990 Galerie du Cobra, Paris, France
1990 Diane Nelson Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
1990 Galeria Millan, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 "Recent Work," Gallery Jones, Vancouver, Canada
2015 "American Array," Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu, Hawaii
2015 "The Nature of Sculpture: Art in the Garden," Los Angeles County Arboretum, Arcadia, CA
2015 "Farbe ist mein Motiv," Galerie Kaysser, Ruhpolding, Germany
2015 "Gerundet Umkriest," Gallery Foundation SBC Pro Arte, Biberach, Germany
2014 "Blur the Lines," Brad Howe and Murakami Takashi, Asian Art Works, Busan, Korea
2014 "Bogen Schiessen," Museum Biberach, Biberach, Germany
2013 The Frostig Collection, Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA
2013 "Rouge," Katherine Cone Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2013 "Brad Howe, Zachary Thornton, Lopez-Herrera," Thomas Punzman Fine Arts, Frankfurt, Germany
2013 "Gary Komarin and Brad Howe,) Galerie Proarta, Zurich, Switzerland
2013 "Bunt" Galerie Kaysser, Ruhpolding, Germany
2012 "TARFEST: 10th Anniversary Art Exhibition, LACMA, Los Angeles, CA
2012 "Frostig at Large: In West Hollywood," West Hollywood, CA
2012 "Color Balance," Marco Casentini and Brad Howe, Melissa Morgan Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA
2012 "L'Art del Regal XII & Brad How, Esculture," Art Contemporani Nord-America, La Galeria, Barcelona, Spain
2012 "Mouvement eh Lumiere: Exposition de 85 Sculptures," La Fondation Villa Datris, Isle Sur La Sorgue, Vaucluse, France
2010 "Malibu Sculpture 2010," a Summer Exhibition curated by Carl Scholsberg, Malibu Civic Center, Malibu, CA
2010 "Tectonic-Ephemeral-Sensual: Sculpture and Jewelry," SPF:a Gallery, Culver City, CA
2010 "Avesta Art 2010," Verket, Avesta, Sweden
2009 "Five," Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2009 "A Happy Medium," Gilman Contemporary, Ketchum, ID
2008 "Sculpture in Motion: Art Choreographed by Nature," curated by Brigitte Micmacker, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta, GA
2008 "Fusion," Gilman Contemporary, Ketchum, ID
2007 "Keeping It Straight: Right Angles and Hard Edges in Contemporary
Southern California," Riverside Museum of Art, Riverside, CA
2007 "The El Paseo Invitational," Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Palm Desert, CA
2006 "L.A. Minimalism Today," Gallery C, Hermosa Beach, CA
2006 "Primary Colors," Sculpturesite Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2005 "Touch Me," Gallery C, Hermosa Beach, CA
2004 "Nine," Gallery C, Hermosa Beach, CA
2004 "Out of Plane: Light on White Maze," Collaboration with Architect Judit Fekete, SPF:a Gallery, Culvery City, CA
2002 "Pourquoi Pas," Galerie Janos, Paris, France
2000 "El Paseo Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition," Palm Desert, CA
1999 "Pier Walk 99," International Sculpture Exhibition, Chicago, IL
1998 "Illusion," Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA
1997 "Grins, Humor and Whimsy in Contemporary Art," Millard Sheets Gallery, Pomona, CA
1996 Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA
1995 Edition FIAC/SAGA, Paris, France
1995 SLAC, Strasbourg, France
1995 Leif Holmer Gallery, Nassjo, Sweden
1995 Ekerum Konsthall, Oland, Sweden
1995 Gallery IV, Los Angeles, CA
1994 "Big Littles," Boritzer/Gray/Hamano Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1994 "Busan Bienniale," Busan, South Korea
1994 "Pop into the '90s," Kass/Meridian Gallery, Chicago, IL
1994 "Group Show," Peter Blake Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
1994 Decouvertes, Paris, France
1993 Kass/Meridian Gallery, Chicago, IL
1993 Brea Gallery, City of Brea, CA
1993 Galerie Janos, Paris, France
1992 Rubiner Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI
1992 Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA

Selected Public and Corporate Collections
Allergan Corporation, Irvine, CA
Arario Industries, Cheon-Shi, South Korea
Bachem California, Inc., Torrance, CA
Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Irvine, CA
Beechcraft Corporation, Van Nuys, CA
Birtcher Corporation, Irvine, CA
Boehringer Ingelheim, Biberach, Germany
Boehringer Ingelheim, Ridgefield, CT
California Spine Center, Thousand Oaks, CA
Canon Corporation, Irvine, CA
Carl Bean AIDS Center, Los Angeles, CA
Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Chandler Properties, Los Angeles, CA
City of Hope, Duarte, CA
City of Montebello, Transportation Building, Montebello, CA
City of Santa Fe Springs, CA
City of West Hollywood, CA
Colegio Nacional de Educacion Profesional Tecnica - Administrative Campus, Toluca, Mexico
Concord Property Corporation, San Antonio, TX
Crocker Museum of Art, Sacramento, CA
Cupertino Housing Partners, Cupertino, CA
Duncan Aviation, Lincoln, NE
Edificio Siglum, SARE Corporation, Mexico City, Mexico
Edison International, Rosemead, CA
Edwards Lifesciences, Irvine, CA
Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, CA
Equity Office, Atlanta, GA
Georgia International Convention Center, Atlanta, GA
Gershwin Hotel, New York City, NY
Heising-Simons Foundation, San Francisco, CA
Hilton Caribe, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Intuit, Reno, NV
Katell Properties, Los Angeles, CA
Kaiser Permanente, Baldwin Park, CA
Kitakyushu City International Center, Kitakyushu, Japan
Kimball International, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Kreissparkasse, Biberach, Germany
La Fundidora, Centro Cultural, Monterrey, NL, Mexico
Lancaster Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA
Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg, Stuttgart, Germany
Lockton Insurance, Los Angeles, CA
Lord Baltimore Properties, Empire Towers III, Ontario, CA
LARC Foundation, Saugus, CA
Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA
Medix Mihagino, Kitakyushu, Japan
Mercure Hotel, Sao Paulo, Brazil
M.G.M. Grand Airlines, JFK Airport, NY
Ministry of Industry and Trade Building, Mexico City, Mexico
M.I.T., Cambridge, MA
Murrel Company, Newport Beach, CA
Neiman Marcus, Dallas, TX
Nobe Telecommunications Corporation, Miami, FL
Overton Moore and Associates, Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Pacific Medical Buildings, San Diego, CA
Pasadena Museum of California Art, Pasadena, CA
Princess Cruise Line, Sun Princess, Los Angeles, CA
Raleigh Durham Airport, Raleigh, NC
Royal Host, International Forum Building, Tokyo, Japan
Saks Fifth Avenue, USA
Samsung Corporation, Seoul, South Korea
Sand Hill Property Company, Sunnyvale, CA
SAS Software, Inc., Cary, NC
Secretary of Commerce, Mexico City, Mexico
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
Straub Autovermietung Hertz, Biberach, Germany
Sudwestbank, Stuttgart, Germany
Sysco Corporation, Houston, TX
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
The Animation Guild, Burbank, CA
The Diplomat Hotel, Hollywood, FL
The Trenton Group, Los Angeles, CA
Toyota of Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale, CA
Trinity University, San Antonio, TX
UCLA Anderson School of Business, Los Angeles, CA
UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Union Bank, Carmel, CA
Western Asset, Pasadena, CA
Western Asset, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Wheelock, Inc., Hong Kong
Wheelock, Inc., Singapore
Xerox Corporation, Rochester, NY

Selected Publications
2016 University Hospitals, Artwork from the Collection of University Hospitals, Cleveland, OH.
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2012 Mouvement et Lumiere, #2 Exposition 2012, La Villa Datris, France.
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Stanford University, Stanford, California
University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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