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DONNA  BILLICK Serious Ruffle - Donna Billick - Sculpturesite Gallery
Serious Ruffle
84 x 40 x 40 in
213 x 102 x 102 cm
DONNA  BILLICK Miss Bee Haven - Donna Billick - Sculpturesite Gallery
Miss Bee Haven
40 x 28 x 28 in
102 x 71 x 71 cm

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A universal vocabulary runs through Donna Billick's work: a dynamic life-force referencing flora, fauna, water, and rocks, as well as the feminine as goddess figure. These archetypal images give her sculpture a unique spiritual resonance that is equally present in her life-size figures and in the expansive terrazzo floors she has created for several public commissions. However, she also draws from a deep understanding of life on an experiential level and her art, as spiritual practice, embodies that interconnectedness she feels with the "web of life".

Throughout her career, Billick has studied and worked with some of the most important sculptors of recent times. While at the University of California, Davis, she studied with the likes of Robert Arneson and Manuel Nori and was among a generation of artists that included John Buck, Deborah Butterfield, Bob Brady, Tom Rippon, Richard Notkin, Robert Brady and others. The drive and determination that made her successful at school also led her to be one of the most important sculptors in the region.


Selected Public Art Commissions
2013 “Hive,” Honey Bee Haven with the Art/Science Fusion program, University of California, Davis, CA
2012 “Aztec Mandala,” Community Build with 80 Mexican artists, Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico
2011 “Food Chain,” University of California, Davis, CA
2010 “Water,” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davi, CA
2010 “Mexican Blanket,” Todoa Santos, Baja, Sur, Mexico
2010 “Honey Bee Haven,” Pollinator demonstration garden, University of California, Davis, CA
2010 “Fractured Tales,” Magic Garden in Philadelphia, PA
2010 “Water,” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
2010 “Faces of Woodland,” Community build public art, Woodland, CA
2009 “Natural Balance,” Solano County Nature Center, CA
2008-2009 "Valley Wise Vision,” & “Oak Family Tree,” Community Build with UC Davis Undergraduates in collaboration with Art/Science Fusion Program, CA
2007 “Robbins Hall Columns,” UC Davis Genomic Program , Community Build mosaics involving PhD Candidates in Genetics and Fifth Graders from the Davis School System, CA
2007 “Growth,” Community built mosaics, Willett Elementary School, Davis, CA
2007 “Toni La Russa, Animal Rescue Foundation,” Walnut Creek, CA
2007 “Nature’s Gallery,” Art/Science Fusion UC Davis, US Botanic Garden, Washington DC
2006 “Go Figure,” John Nasoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
2006 “Faces of Petaluma,” Fountain at Theatre Square, Petaluma, CA
2006 “Home Stretch,” Petaluma, CA
2005 “Califia,” Turlock, CA
2005 “Alviso, Library Book and Community Center Murals," Alviso, CA
2005 “Threshold, Fabric of Society,” Juvenile facility of Sacramento, CA
2005 “Full Bloom”, City Hall, Majors Plaza, Redding, CA
2004 “Rescue Plaza,” community build-in collaboration with the Junior Life Guards, Phase II Beach Renovation, Huntington Beach, CA
2004 “Beach Play," Phase II Beach Renovation, Huntington Beach, CA
2004 “Dive-In Plaza," Phase II Beach Renovation, Huntington Beach, CA
2004 “Surfing USA,” Life Guard Facility, Phase II Beach Renovation, Huntington Beach, CA
2003 “Cultural Totems," & “C,elestial Harvest,” Sacramento Light Rail System, Meadowview Station, Elkgrove, CA
2003 "Destinations,” Denver University, CO
2003 “Confluence,” Sacramento Wastewater Treatment Plant, Elkgrove, CA
2002 “Linear Park Portal,” Mosaic, Fairfield, CA
2002 “Corner Stone’s,” Reading, California, Davis, CA
2002 “Spanish-Mexican Commemorative Seal,” Steps of the State of California Capital, Sacramento, CA
2002 “Time-travelers," Forty-five benches, BART station at Millbrae, CA
2002 “Bookmark,” Two Benches, Aurania Campus, Denver, CO

Public Installations from the Art/Science Fusion Program

This innovative and unique curriculum produced 19 permanently installed public art pieces (ceramic mosaic and painted murals) on the UC Davis Campus:
“The Queen Bee and Her Retinue”
“Conservation of Pollinators”
“The Swarm”
“Insect Biodiversity”
“The Insect Collection”
“A World of Insects”
“Insect Camouflage”
“The Insect Orders”
“Agro ecosystems”
“The Where’s Waldo of Beneficial Insects”
“Lady Beetles In The “A” Street Tunnel”
“Families, Insects and Gardens”
“The Tree of Life”
“Nature’s Gallery”
US Botanic Garden, Washington DC
“Valley Wise Vision”
“Oak Family Tree”
“Robbins Hall Genomics Department, Columns”
“Birds of the Valley Workshop”
“Plant Pathology, Lobby Murals”
“Oak Discovery Trail”
“Honey Bee Haven”
“Oak Discovery Trail”

Professional Experience
2013 Heaven on Earth Workshops created by Donna Billick in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico
2000–2012 Art/Science Fusion , Co-founder and instructor, University of California, Davis, CA
1998–Present Board of Directors, Tile Heritage Foundation, Keeping the Craft Alive
1997–Present Founder and Director, Billick Rock Art
1997–1999 Instructor, California State University, Sacramento, CA
1993–1997 Instructor, California State University, Hayward Ceramics and Sculpture, CA
1992–1995 William James Association, Prison Facilities, created Murals for Tracy, Jamestown and Vacaville, CA
1992–2008 Workshops conducted at Mendocino Art Center, CA

1973 BA, University of California, Davis, CA
1977 MFA, University of California, Davis, CA

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