Abstract and highly abstracted figurative bronze sculpture by Italian-Romanian sculptor Flavius Pisapia, now living in India.

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FLAVIUS  PISAPIA Knowledge - Abstract sculpture in bronze by Flavius Picasia at Sculpturesite Gallery
FREE STANDING SCULPTURE - bronze and stone
66 x 35 x 22 in
168 x 89 x 56 cm

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Flavius Valone Pisapia is an Italian-Romanian artist born in Bucharest, in 1981. He completed his higher education in the UK, with an MA in Transpersonal Arts & Therapy, England, 2014, a Diploma in Transformative Arts, England, 2011 and a BA (Hons) in Film and Video, England and Wales, 2005. Pisapia studied sculpture throughout his higher education and appreciated several sculptor mentors in the UK. Since 2016, Pisapia resides in India, where is is currently an artist in residence at Studio Sukriti in Jaipur. He has had several Solo exhibitions in India. His artwork is found in private collections worldwide.


"I believe those who have gained access to 'nature's secrets' can try to give it a new direction through art. As is easily observed, nature is a finished product: an acorn can only become an oak tree. My aim as an artist is to get to know nature and free it from its limitations. I give the oak tree new ways of expressing itself in the outer world, through a work of art, whilst at the same time express the essential nature of the oak tree.

The first step when exploring an object or theme is to draw and make clay models of it, in order to saturate the imagination with its various aspects and visual qualities. Going a step further in a listening space, I engage in an inner conversation with the object’s qualities, finding inspiration in them. The last step in the process of creative inquiry is becoming one with the object in an intuitive moment. To feel as it feels, being in the space as it is, finding its individuality resound in me. The point when I feel myself one with the object denotes an artistic breakthrough in my work. This approach invites a discovery of the object's essence and how it manifests in the world."

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