Nancy Brown

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Untitled #3 (Primitif), 2018

WALL SCULPTURE mixed media  
17 x 8 x 1.5 in
43 x 20 x 5 cm


Found wires and electronic components.

"Working in a variety of media and using an economy of means, I create families of images and objects that share a formal or conceptual resonance, and that negotiate the border between representation and abstraction.

The impulse to frugality and sustainability manifests in my studio practice, whether it’s using found and re-purposed objects, or recycling paintings and drawings. Salvaged materials are shaped by time and use, borrowing from the wild beauty of corrosion and chance. Combining them in a process of bricolage – or, make-do – often produces slyly comic results. Untitled #3 (le primitif) takes on the material culture of the twenty-first century with a dollop of mischief, a dash of mystery, and a little bit of frugality for good measure".

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