CHRISTOPHER  CURTIS - Christopher Curtis stone gate sculpture at Sculpturesite Gallery
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The Focuser, 2005

132 x variable x 7 in


A circle cut into two slabs of granite, The Focuser guides the eye of the viewer and frames the landscape like a window. It shows Curtis's use of negative space and his desire to make sculpture that fosters dialogue. The Focuser is also an example of how Curtis uses sculpture to engage in social advocacy: "There was this portion of sidewalk in Stowe that was aching to be built. No one was paying attention to it and I kept haranguing as many people as I could about the need for it," explained Curtis. When asked to participate in the 2005 EXPOSED sculpture festival, he saw an opportunity. He installed the sculpture near the sidewalk. "If you looked through this device, you saw where the sidewalk ought to be. It was meant to focus attention on the need for the sidewalk and it worked. The next year, the Town of Stowe built the sidewalk."


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