FORM and FUNCTION - a selection of functional art

March 1 - April 30, 2009

_B_FORM and FUNCTION - a selection of functional art

What happens when artists apply their formal imagination to the creation of objects of everyday use? In some cases, the concept of a piece of furniture is used as commentary, and the function follows. Gale Hart’s tables, benches and stools, composed entirely of recycled steel, are beautifully designed whimsical concepts of functional objects, which can also be used. In other examples, the function comes first –and remains foremost in the sculptor’s mind, as with Mark Oldland’s playful interpretation of highly abstracted fauna and flora shapes adding the finishing touch to highly comfortable chairs or benches. Phill Evans graces his eminently functional chairs and benches with freeform lines inspired by Art Nouveau.

Moving water fills the desperately needed function of balancing stressed lifestyles in modern homes and gardens, with relaxing sights and sounds. Four of our most popular water sculpture artists, including well known water artist Archie Held, offer a selection of fountains from table-top to garden-size in metal or stone.

In this exhibition, you will find a selection of inspired pieces at once useful and beautiful, fun and serious, for placement as a focal point or as an accent, in your home, garden or office, at prices not to be missed. For the month of March these pieces are offered at a 15% - 20% consideration (depending on artist). Please contact us @ A New Leaf Gallery for more information: 707.933.1300 or email

Mark Oldland - Small Hungry Chair MARK OLDLAND
Small Hungry Chair
Archie Held - Water Wall ARCHIE HELD
Water Wall
Frank Morbillo - Cascade Column FRANK MORBILLO
Cascade Column
Frank Morbillo - Small Cascade Column FRANK MORBILLO
Small Cascade Column
Michael Zimber - Helix - Sculpturesite Gallery MICHAEL ZIMBER
Granite Helix
Michael Zimber - Zimber Column Composite - Sculpturesite Gallery MICHAEL ZIMBER
Column Composite
Michael Zimber - Natural Waterwall - Sculpturesite Gallery MICHAEL ZIMBER
Natural Waterwall Fountain