May 1 - June 15, 2009

A New Leaf Gallery is pleased to present a group show of figurative sculpture in bronze, ceramic, glass and painted steel by five noted sculptors. Recent works by Dina Angel-Wing, Jane Burton, John Denning, Susannah Israel, Steven Maslach, and James Moore - plus new on-line inventory by Kathy Venter, Mark Chatterley and Nina Lyons.

From Burton’s elongated, ethereal ceramic figures in muted tones covered in expressively scratched journal entries, to Israel’s enchanting child-like creatures engulfed by brightly colored flowers, Angel-Wing’s unfinished female forms based on her weekly drawing sessions with live models in bronze or ceramic, and Moore’s animated geometric abstractions of the human form in painted steel, this lively collection of figurative sculptures will surprise and delight. Works suitable for indoor and outdoor placement, from pedestal size to larger-than-life are on exhibition.

Kathy Venter - Batavia - Sculpturesite Gallery KATHY VENTER
Kathy Venter - Even Telling - Sculpturesite Gallery KATHY VENTER
Even Telling
Mark Chatterley - Fairy Dance - Sculpturesite Gallery MARK CHATTERLEY
Fairy Dance
Dina Angel-Wing - Bather 2 - Sculpturesite Gallery DINA ANGEL-WING
Bather #2
Nina Lyons - East NINA LYONS
Nina Lyons ceramic figurative sculpture at Sculpturesite Gallery NINA LYONS
Figure on Glass
Donna Caron - Earth-Water - Sculpturesite Gallery DONNA CARON