FADA LA Art Show 2010

January 20 - January 24, 2010

_b_FADA LA Art Show 2010__b_
Sculpturesite Gallery was pleased to participate in the 15th Annual Los Angeles Art Show, sponsored by FADA (Fine Art Dealers Association) at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the vibrant, revitalized, downtown district. We displayed recent works by eleven artists, some created especially for the show. We also had larger works on display by Jeffery Laudenslager and Brad Howe in the common area. The following is a digital tour of the exhibition.
Hans Van de Bovenkamp - Lady Godiva Variation 2 - Sculpturesite Gallery HANS VAN DE BOVENKAMP
Lady Godiva Variation 2
Monumental kinetic sculpture by sculptor Jeffery Laudenslager in stainless and titanium for sale at Sculpturesite Gallery JEFFERY LAUDENSLAGER
Hokusai 20'
Reach_abstract bronze sculpture by Clement Meadmore at Sculpturesite Gallery CLEMENT MEADMORE
John Denning - Reclining - Sculpturesite Gallery JOHN DENNING
John Denning - Oracle Dream - Sculpturesite Gallery JOHN DENNING
Oracle Dream
John Denning - The Dreamer - Sculpturesite Gallery JOHN DENNING
The Dreamer
John Denning - Green Dream - Sculpturesite Gallery JOHN DENNING
Green Dream
Mary Shaffer - Orange Light - Sculpturesite Gallery MARY SHAFFER
Orange Light
Mary Shaffer - Waterlines - Sculpturesite Gallery MARY SHAFFER
Jane Woolverton - Winter Sun - Sculpturesite Gallery JANE WOOLVERTON
Winter Sun