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Skyfall 2, 2016

19 x 24.75 x 5.5 in
48 x 64 x 15 cm

This gravity-defying pedestal sculpture is stunning from all angles, with the color and transparency constantly changing as the lighting shifts or as you walk around the different sides. The cast glass sculpture "Skyfall II" reflects sculptor Josef Marek's extensive training in re-melting glass in molds, glass cutting, and polishing. The outside and back surfaces of the ring-shaped form are polished and smooth, and the inner surface of the ring is highly textured using a glue-chipping, or tarnishing, technique. The deep, concentrated blue color throughout the thicker areas fades to almost clear glass at the very thin and transparent edges, and tiny bubbles from the casting process are visible throughout - especially along the edges - as if the glass is still moving inside.

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