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Budding, 2017

100 x 21 x 21 in
254 x 53 x 53 cm

Powder coated steel.

Budding is a tall, freestanding steel sculpture suggesting organic growth. Three spires entwine upward from a small base in a fluid height gradation. Each slender spire is in its own design an intertwining of elements that create a strong yet flexible component susceptible to swaying in a breeze.

Budding is fully three-dimensional and asymmetrical. Each of its perspectives conveys a different dynamic. The tendrils can move dynamically, but the base is solid, firmly grounded and provides substantial stability. The piece is designed for mounting in a sleeve set in the ground or in concrete in an open area viewable from multiple angles. Each spire separately inserts onto a short stem on the base, which is itself removable from the ground sleeve for transport. The whole piece is therefore four components that can be disassembled for transport. This monolithic piece will serve as a dynamic focal point, suitable for any open outdoor setting.


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