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Mémoire d'Eau (Memory of Water), 2019

177 x 311 x 118 in
450 x 790 x 300 cm

"This project stems from a recurring dream" says André. "Watching this whale swimming through the air among the trees opens a window into other dimensions of time and space. One can thus imagine the nature of this landscape at a different geological time as well as what consequences would create a catastrophic ocean level rise created by an extreme global warming. This installation offers a double intimation: it is both an invitation to dream –on a personal or collective level, and a reflection on the importance of climate chaos".

This 26 foot long whale sculpture is fabricated of polyester resin and steel in five parts and packs into a crate that is 15' x 7' x 7'. It hangs from 4 points, which secures the sculpture but allows slight movement, adding to the dream-like effect.

Please inquire about installation parameters.

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