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TROY  PILLOW Colorful kinetic garden sculpture inspired by Calder from sculptor Troy Pillow at Sculpturesite Gallery
KINETIC SCULPTURE - painted metal
85 x 45 x 45 in
216 x 114 x 114 cm
TROY  PILLOW Sticks and Stones II abstract sculpture by Troy Pillow at Sculpturesite Gallery
Sticks and Stones II
96 x 47.5 x 23.25 in
244 x 122 x 58 cm
TROY  PILLOW Sticks and Stones in red abstract painted metal sculpture by Troy Pillow at Sculpturesite Gallery
Sticks and Stones in Red
98 x 40.5 x 22 in
249 x 104 x 56 cm
$ 9,800
TROY  PILLOW Troy Pillow kinetic sculpture Blue Dot at Sculpturesite Gallery
Blue Dot
KINETIC SCULPTURE - stainless steel
96 x 32 x 22 in
244 x 81 x 56 cm
TROY  PILLOW Kinetic metal sculpture by Seattle sculptor Troy Pillow has colorful moving blue on bronze base for sale at Sculpturesite Gallery
KINETIC SCULPTURE - painted metal
88 x 36 x 60 in
244 x 122 x 183 cm
TROY  PILLOW Troy Pillow Troy Pillow kinetic garden sculpture at Sculpturesite Gallery
Circus Peanuts
KINETIC SCULPTURE - painted metal
90 x 36 x 84 in
229 x 91 x 213 cm
TROY  PILLOW Kinetic garden sculpture by sculptor Troy Pillow -colorful and inspired by Calder mobiles for sale at Sculpturesite Gallery
KINETIC SCULPTURE - painted metal
108 x 48 x 48 in
274 x 122 x 122 cm
TROY  PILLOW Blue Rectangles kinetic sculpture by Troy Pillow at Sculpturesite Gallery
Blue Rectangles
KINETIC SCULPTURE - stainless steel
111 x 16 x 96 in
282 x 41 x 244 cm

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After years of autodidactic experimentation, Troy Pillow has developed a uniquely whimsical style of kinetic and static sculpture. Whether he partners fused glass with rusted steel in bold, powerful forms - or contrasts vibrantly hued kinetic elements against weathered steel - Pillow always manages to unite disparate elements with a signature understated simplicity.

The artist's background in architectural engineering and environmental design informs structural choices, materials, and ensures fluidity of movement in all kinetic pieces. The resulting lightness with which each piece seems to flow with the flux of the wind has earned Pillow commissions throughout the country. His work can be found in corporate collections, public art projects, select galleries and private collections across the united States.


"Creating a sense of wonder, laughter, and appreciation, while being visually and intellectually stimulated is what I try to accomplish with the viewer on each piece."



Selected Shows & Commissions
2017 "Kinetic Sculpture in 4 Movements," Sculpturesite Gallery, Glen Ellen, CA
2013 Fremont Lake Union Center, Kilroy Realty Corporation, Seattle, WA
2013 AVA Ballard, AvalonBay Communities, Seattle, WA
2013 AVA Queen Anne Apartments, AvalonBay Communities, Seattle, WA
2012 Prescott Apartments, Stoneway Village II, LLC, Seattle, WA
2012 Towbin Motorcars Showroom, Las Vegas, NV
2012 Boeing, Seattle, WA
2011 Essex Properties, Sunnyvale, CA
2011 Swedish Medical Center, Issaquah, WA
2011 King County Libraries, Shoreline, WA
2010 Intuitive Surgical, Sunnyvale, CA
2010 King County Libraries, Burien, WA
2010 Art in Public Places, Bend, OR
2010 Aspira, Seattle, WA
2010 AvalonBay Communities, Bellevue, WA
2009 BRE Properties, Bellevue, WA
2009 El Camino Hospital, Mountainview, CA
2009 Trammel Crow Residential, Redmond, WA
2008 Art in Public Places, Bend, OR
2008 Wallace Properties, Seattle, WA
2007 Salt Lake City, Nine muses project, UT
2006 St. Josephs Hospital, Phoenix, AZ
2006 Alvarado Place, Union City, CA
2006 Boulevard & State Street, Trammel Crow Residential, Kirkland, WA
2004 Sutter Health Hospital, Fairfield, CA
2004 Phillip S. Miller Library, Castle Rock, CO
2003 City of Lakewood, Lakewood, CO
2003 Lakewood Heritage Center, Lakewood, CO
2003 Pinnacol Assurance, Denver, CO
2003 Artfair at Laumier, St Louis, MO
2003 Celebrate Colorado Artists, CO
2003 Vail Arts Festival, Vail, CO
2003 Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, CO
2003 Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival, Carefree, AZ
2002 Avalon, Hidden Valley, and Moon Shadow Developments, Metropolitan Homes, Denver, CO
2002 Waterpark Building, Denver Art Company, Littleton, CO
2002 Link Recreation Center, Lakewood, CO
2002 Celebrate Colorado Artists, CO
2002 Artfest of 5th Ave., Scottsdale, AZ
2002 Artfest of Scottsdale, Scottsdale, AZ
2001 Waterpark Building, Denver, CO
2001 Metropolitan Homes, Greenwood Village, CO
1999 Celebrate Colorado Artists, CO

2009 Downtown sculpture Exhibit, Everett, WA
2008 Atlanta Botanical Garden, Sculpture in motion, Atlanta, GA
2007 Maryhill Museum of Art, Sculpture Invitational, WA
2006 Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition, Bellevue, WA

Awards & Publications
2005 HGTV, September
2003 Architecture and Design of the West, Spring
2003 The Denver Post, July
2003 Art Revue, August
2001 Colorado Homes and Lifestyle Magazine, October
2002 Jurors award- Celebrate Colorado Artists
2002 GO-GO magazine, October
2000 The Denver Post, September
2000 North Denver Tribune, September
2000 Lodo News, November

1990 University of Colorado, Architectural Engineering

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