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JOSEF  MAREK Josef Marek glass sculpture Skyfall 2 at Sculpturesite Gallery
Skyfall 2
19 x 24.75 x 5.5 in
48 x 64 x 15 cm

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The sculptor Josef Marek (b. 1963) is a glass artist based in North Bohemia in the Czech Republic. He studied at the Secondary School of Applied Arts for glass making in Kamenicky Senov (1978-1982) in the former Czechoslovakia. After graduating, he became a glass cutter at Crystalex, a nationalized corporation at that time. Marek also worked as a teacher in the local technical school of glass making (1986-1989) and during this period quickly became popular for his craft skills and collaborated with many professional artists. After teaching for three years in the technical glass school, he moved to Prague and became designer and glass cutter for a year in the Center of Applied Arts. After the "Velvet Revolution" of 1989, admission to a school was no longer decided based on political views but on the merits for creative work, and Marek was accepted at the University of Fine Arts and Architecture. Here, he studied under Czech glass masters Vladimir Kopecky and Marian Karel.

After completing graduate studies (1997-2000), Marek worked as a visiting professor in Japan's Toyama Glass Institute. He continued with the interest in his earlier work that focused on re-melting glass in molds, cutting, polishing, and combining glass with stone. A new technique for him was working with polished stainless steel and copper plates, which he combined with glass. Since returning to the Czech Republic, Marek has created more compelling and visually stimulating works influenced from the culture of the land of the rising sun. He often combines glass with contrasting materials, creating an illusionary space consisting of transparent and opaque masses, maximizing contrasts that captivate the viewer. However, his work is dominated by sculptures made only of glass, where he seeks maximum simplicity but enriches the work with details on the surface and inside the mass. He also uses glass techniques such as structural etching and the almost forgotten glue-chipping surface, or tarnishing.

Marek has participated in many group exhibitions in Europe and overseas. He has had seven solo exhibitions in Japan, as well as exhibitions in Paris, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Germany.

JOSEF MAREK Description

The work of glass sculptor Josef Marek reflects his extensive training in re-melting glass in molds, glass cutting, and polishing. However, it is the final state of each glass sculpture the proves he is also a master of illusion and wonder.


Solo Exhibitions
2015 “Josef Marek: Glass Sculptures,” Cvikov Cultural Center Gallery, Cvikov, Czech Republic
2014 “Josef Marek: Illusive Space,” Stoelting Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2014 “Josef Marek: Glass Sculptures,” Broft Gallery, Leerdam, Netherlands
2013 “Josef Marek: Glass Sculptures,” Broft Gallery, Den Haag, Netherlands
2013 “Josef Marek: Glass Space,” Galerie Minerva, Malmo, Sweden
2010 “Josef Marek: Sculptures,” Galerie Frank Picon, Paris, France
2003 “Josef Marek: Sklenené Plastiky," Galerie Languv dum, Frýdek, Czech Republic
2002 “Give and Take,” The Studio Glass Gallery, London, UK
1999 “Josef Marek: Glass Sculptures,” Kaki Gallery, Toyama, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016-2017 "In the Gallery," Sculpturesite Gallery, Glen Ellen, CA
2015 “Meister der Moderne,” International Trade Fair, Munich, Germany
2012 “Lei See,” Koru Contemporary Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
2009 “Connections: Contemporary European Glass Sculpture,” Czech Glass School, Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic
2008 “Drei Generationen,” Glasgalerie Hittfeld, Harburg, Germany
2008 “Reflections on Contemporary Glass,” Museum of Art, Santa Fe, NM
2007 SOFA, Chicago, IL
2006 SOFA, Chicago, IL
2006 “Meister der Moderne,” International Trade Fair, Munich, Germany
2004/05 “V zajetí svetla a prostoru,” Prague, Czech Republic / Aichi, Japan Expo
2002 “Stone and Glass,” Czech Embassy, Tokyo, Japan
2000 “Japanese Connections,” The Studio Glass Gallery, London, UK
1999 2nd Contemporary Glass Exhibition, Satsuma, Japan
1998 Venezia Aperto Vetro 98, Venice, Italy
1998 Museum of Modern Art, Takaoka, Japan
1998 Enomoto Gallery, Osaka, Japan
1998 Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum, Seto, Japan
1998 DAY.I.Can, Toyama, Japan
1996 Národní technické muzeum, Prague, Czech Republic
1995-1996 Galerie Languv Dum, Frýdek, Czech Republic
1994-1996 Rob Van Den Doel Gallery, The Netherlands
1995 Umelecko-prumyslové Muzeum, Prague, Czech Republic
1993 Hrad Sovinec, Czech Republic
1991 Water Reservoir, Barcelona, Spain
1991 Galerie Václava Špály, Prague, Czech Republic

Public Collections
Toyama Museum of Glass, Japan
Glasmuseum, Ernsting Stifftung, Coesfeld, Germany
Toyama swimming pool, Japan

Selected Competitions and Awards
2008 2nd Place, Art Buzz collection book
2005 New Glass Review Competition, Corning, USA (also 1992, 1997-2000)
1995 Price of Daniel Swarowski
3rd Place, Nicosia Conference Center Art Competition

Work Experience
1997-2000 Visiting Professor, Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, Japan
1989-1990 Designer and Director of Art Glass Experimental Workshop, Umelecká remesla, Prague, Czech Republic
1986-1989 Arts and Crafts Teacher, SOÚ sklárské, Kamenický Šenov, Czech Republic
1982-1986 Glass Worker, Crystalex, Nový Bor, Czech Republic

1994-1995 Alfred University, New York, NY
1990-1996 University of Fine Arts and Architecture, Glass in Architecture, Prague, Czech Republic
1978-1982 Secondary School of Glass Art, Kamenicky Senov, Czech Republic

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