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REBECCA  WELZ Rebecca Welz - Nautilus - Sculpturesite Gallery
WALL SCULPTURE - mixed media
REBECCA  WELZ Rebecca Welz - Fish - Sculpturesite Gallery
72 x 66 x 30 in
183 x 168 x 76 cm
REBECCA  WELZ Rebecca Welz steel sculpture table at Sculpturesite Gallery
Scribble Table
18.5 x 36 x 36 in
48 x 91 x 91 cm
REBECCA  WELZ Rebecca Welz - Sluice - Sculpturesite Gallery
WALL SCULPTURE - mixed media
REBECCA  WELZ Rebecca Welz - Yellow Curl - Sculpturesite Gallery
Yellow Curl
WALL SCULPTURE - mixed media

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Rebecca Welz was born in Sausalito, California. She received her BFA from the Boston Museum School of Fine Art. Currently, she lives in New York and works as Adjunct Associate Professor at the Pratt Institute.

Beautifully skating on the brink of organic and planar, fluid and architectonic, Welz explores the exoskeletal qualities of suspended form. Materials permissive to light yield gentle, hand-painted color transmutations. The artist's work educes an amalgam of sensations, evoking the palpable texture and color of organic life, and the ephemeral nature of dreams and memories. Welz's sculptures utilize Plexiglas, painted and sanded to a translucent texture. The flat, rectilinear material is folded on a strip heater into curving forms, which are then connected with wire and fine steel cables that give the pieces some flexibility.


My sensibility is shaped in part by my experience of living in Japan... and witnessing the folk festivals in small towns with brightly colored banners and strung origami. The work relates to Buddhist rituals of writing a wish on a small piece of wood and hanging it on a temple wall and the placement of folded paper wishes on slender branches." -Rebecca Welz


Solo Exhibitions
2011 "Steel Nets," June Kelly Gallery, 166 Mercer Street, NY
2010 "Sculpture," Humanities Gallery, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY
2008 "Inner and Outer Spaces", June Kelly Gallery, NY
2005 "Steel Kites," June Kelly Gallery, 591 Broadway, NY
2004 "Wishing Poles & Other Incarnations", Gallery 555 City Center, Oakland Museum, CA
2003 "Shingle Pieces, Wishing Poles and Hanging Arcs," Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2002 "Arcs, Orbs and Other Flying Objects," June Kelly Gallery, NY
2001 "Constructions," Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2000 "Constructions," June Kelly Gallery, Catalog, 591 Broadway, New York, NY
1997 "Constructions," June Kelly Gallery, 591 Broadway, New York, NY
1994 "New Work", Grace Borgenicht Gallery, 724 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
1991 "Constructions," Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York, NY
1989 "Constructions," Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York, NY
1985 "Constructions," Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, 132 Greene Street, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions
2008 "To Infinity and Beyond, Mathematics in Contemporary Art," Heckscher Museum, Huntington, NY
2006 "The Shape of Things," Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
2005 "Vernissage," Sculpturesite Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2003 "Uncommon Threads," Delaware Valley Arts Center, Narrowsburg, NY
2001 "Collections Installed," Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
2001 Collage, Butters Gallery, Portland, OR
1998 Small Works, PSD-X Gallery, 2 W. 13th Street, New York, NY
1998 Faculty Group Show, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
1996 Akim Masks, Invitational, Sotheby's, Catalog, 1334 York Ave, New York, NY
1995 "Selections," Group Show, Adam Baumgold Gallery, 128 E. 72 St. New York, NY
1995 Faculty Group Show, Pratt Institute, Manhattan Gallery & The Schafler Gallery, Collaborative Work, for Grace Borgenicht, Borgenicht Gallery, New York Group Show at Office Environments, Organized by Joyce Creiger Gallery, Catalog, Boston, MA
1993 Hand Workshop, Virginia Center for the Craft Arts, Richmond, Virginia 1993 Rockville Arts Place, Rockville, MD
1992 Benefit for the Organization of Independent Artists, Rosa Esman Gallery, New York, NY
1992 "Process as Issue," College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY
1989 "Climate '89," Grace Borgenicht Gallery, Catalog, 724 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
1989 "Plane Into Form," World Trade Center, New York, NY
1987 "Invitational," Grace Borgenicht Gallery, Catalog, 724 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY
1983 "Put Together Again," 4 Sculptors, 22 Wooster Gallery, 22 Wooster Street, New York, NY
1982 "Polychrome Sculpture Views by Women Artists, Lever House, Catalog, 390 Park Avenue, New York, NY

Selected Biography
2011-2012 Who's Who in Academia
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Selected Public Collections
Goldman Sachs, New York, Merck, NJ
Prudential Life Insurance Corporation, NY
Cortec Corporation, NY
Sidney Lewis, Richmond, VA
William Kaufman Organization, NY
Credit Lyonnais, NY
Warburg Pincus, NY
Mound, Cotton, Wollan, NY
Windmueller Fine Arts, Scarsdale, NY
Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton, NY
AXA Corporation, NY
Pfizer, NY
Sabre Corporation, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

BFA, Boston Museum School of Fine Art, Boston, MA

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